The Great Dying

by Inhale The Sea

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Mother Nature is a sleeping giant,
The mother that you never treated right.
Burn the fuel that wakes her up,
And rape the land of all resource.
She will wake.

Born alone I am your son,
And I'm a father to this world.
No you're not, you're not the one,
You're the cause, no soul, a whore.
The earth shakes.

Born alone, I am your son.

We think, we are what's all
Let's hear, the stories tall
And build, and build and fall
Your world lies, it all dies.

I paved a road that's black and white,
But now the grass grows no more.

Up to my neck in the sands of time,
Lungs breathe dust from a holy shrine.
Ocean it waves my minds the tide,
My body, it swims.
Air so black, in my hands the wings,
The child so cold, so pale, so weak.
Vanished at sea, like the stones we threw,
Thrown out with the lights, disgustingly.
Up to my neck,
In the sands of time.
Up to our necks,
I thought this sand was mine.
I bought this land, this land's not mine.
I bought this land, this land's not mine.


released May 30, 2012



all rights reserved


Inhale The Sea Newcastle, Australia

New music coming 2012

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